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Physical Address: 901 HWY 83 North
Mailing Address: P.O. Box 1030
Childress, TX 79201

Phone: (940) 937-6371
Alternative Phone: (940) 937-9185
Fax: (940) 937-9133

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Picture of a patient in the ER with a team of Nurses and Doctors (two males and 4 females).
Picture of a patient in the ER with a team of Nurses and Doctors (two males and 4 females).

Our Services

Patient Care

Whether it's a sudden illness, injury or a planned admission, you're in good hands at Childress Regional Medical Center. Staff members work under the direction of your doctor to provide care planned especially for you, your needs and your situation. Our promise is to keep you comfortable and safe. Our patients are our first priority ALWAYS.


Acute: Your doctor will decide if your condition warrants an acute care admission. You will be admitted to a private room and nurses will provide care as directed by your doctor. The doctor will visit on a regular basis and make changes to your care plan as your condition changes. Most of the care will be provided in your room with appropriate staff members consulted as necessary. This could include laboratory and radiology technicians as well as specialized therapists.

Swing Bed: There are times following an acute care admission when a little more time is needed before a patient can return home because skilled care is needed. While your doctor is still in charge of your care, most of your care will be provided by therapists and nurses.


Nothing is more special than the birth of a baby. CRMC has a state of the art birthing center to ensure the mother, baby and the rest are well taken care of.


CRMC offers a full range of surgical services, from preventative screenings to definitive surgical procedures. Surgeries are performed by board certified surgeons who are experts in their field. Among the specialized surgeries offered are Orthopedic, Urological procedures. Dr. Richard Katseres, a board certified surgeon, has a clinic and performs surgery in Childress every week. Talk to your doctor about options available.


The majority of healthcare is now delivered in outpatient settings. Childress Regional Medical Center is proud to provide the following services for our patients:

Fox Rural Health Clinic
Diagnostic Radiology
Ultrasound Examinations
Intravenous Infusions
Diagnostic Laboratory Services
MRI and CT Scans
Dietary Counseling
Social Service Referrals


Childress Regional Medical Center is an area leader when it comes to rehabilitation therapy care. Our fully staffed rehabilitation center offers these therapy modalities:

Physical Therapy
Occupational Therapy
Speech Therapy
Respiratory Therapy


CRMC's home care department is trained to provide nursing care in your home. All care is provided under the direction of your personal physician. Care is provided in 2 categories:

Home Health


Dr. Fred Hardwicke, has an onsite practice at Childress Regional Medical Center and Fox Rural Health Clinic. CRMC is providing local chemotherapy services. To learn more, contact Kathy Ivy (940.937.9260 or


Professional pharmacy services are provided for all patients--inpatient, outpatient, emergency, clinic and home care. Registered pharmacists make sure that the medication your doctor orders is the medication you receive.

In Case of Emergency

Childress Regional Medical Center is recognized by the Texas Department of State Health Services as a Level IV Trauma Center. When the situation is life threatening, whether it is a sudden onset of serious illness or an injury, CRMC's Emergency Room staff is ready to provide fast, efficient and high quality treatment to keep the situation from becoming worse. The ER is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

CRMC has transfer agreements with larger trauma center should your condition require transfer to a higher level of care.


A paramedic ambulance service is operated by the hospital. Ambulances are staffed by specially trained personnel who know exactly what to do in an emergency situation. A call to 911 is all it takes to get help on the way to your location.

Ancillary Services

All hands-on patient care departments and providers are backed up by a staff of dedicated, specially trained employees to ensure the care providers can focus on you - ALWAYS!

Materials Management
Health Information Management
Human Resources
Business Office


CRMC has a state licensed 10 station outpatient hemodialysis clinic located on the hospital campus (directly west of the emergency room). We don't currently do peritoneal or inpatient dialysis treatments, but we're very proud of the service we provide to area patients. Treatments are scheduled in 3 shifts on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of every week. For more information, call CRMC dialysis directly at 940.937.7099.


CRMC is innovating to limit the travel burden related to specialty medical care for patients. We have deployed video conferencing technology in 3 areas:

1.Labor and Delivery - we can connect directly to neonatologists at Children's Health (Dallas) or Covenant (Lubbock) for babies that need it.
2.Emergency - we can connect directly to pediatricians at Children's Health (Dallas) to help us manage the treatment of sick kids
3.Clinic - we can connect directly to Grace Clinic (Lubbock) and Texas Tech (Cardiology - Lubbock) for specialty clinic visits, so you and your loved ones don't have to leave town for the following specialists: